Thursday, April 28, 2011

The dream of the Blogger Dude!

Whoa. While I'm typing this post, my hands are shaking because I am a little nervous. Do you know why? It is because that it is my first time to join a contest that is being held by Sir Jehzeel Laurente. Woot. Hehe. I'm a very big fan of Sir Jehzeel Laurente. To tell you the truth, he is one of the bloggers that give me the strength to start on blogging( credit to my classmate and friend, SirAquarius who introduced jehzlau-concepts to me. He is the creator of and ). Well lets put that aside.

I'm writing this post because of the reason of a dream to have my very first Gadget. Yeah. You read it right! My main reason to write this blog entry is to have an entry to Sir Jehzeels contest sponsored by sherweb. I really anticipate the contest that Sir Jehzeel because his contests are always big and I still haven't yet joined one of his contest. 

I hope there will be other contest that sherweb will sponsor. Thank you sherweb! You are really the  no. 1 host exchange provider!

The contest is all about the reasons why the winner will have the rights to win the price (iPAD). The contestants must give 7 reasons why they are righteous one to be given with the great iPAD. Hehe.

As for me, no one can stop me to give my reasons on why does a person like me is righteous to be the winner of the contest.

My reasons are:

1. PERSONAL INTERESTS – I can’t think of any other reasons to put in first in my list other than this. I know that you also know that everybody wants an iPod. Who in the world don’t want an iPod? Maybe people who support certain product? But I don’t know, if that person will be given a chance to have an iPod for free (free as in free of cost because contest like this is for free hehe) will not hesitate to receive it. So my reason is that I really want an iPod because it an iPod! Wooot! I don’t need to explain it further! Hahaha

2. For educational purposes – yeah! You read it right! An iPod for educational purposes. If I get that iPod, it will benefit me in so many ways and one of that is. It will help me study my work and course. I can use it as a pdf viewer for my ebooks about networking, web development, linux manuals and commands and other things that I want to learn. It is really hard to get a decent book to read and study. And even you have a soft copy of the book. It is not enough. You still need to view it from a machine. On a desktop, laptop or a handheld device. My problem is that I don’t have a laptop and handheld device to view my ebooks and even though I have a desktop. I can’t read the ebooks that long in my desktop cause it is very costly when it comes to the electricity and it is very tire some to read it in a desktop. If I get that iPod, I can read my lectures and other stuff anywhere. Even in the train, on my bedroom, in front of my workstation at work and anywhere that you can think of that you can hold the GIANT iPOD. Hehe.

3. It will help with my work – I already mentioned in number two that it will help me read ebooks for my study purposes. Having an iPod will help me with my work because I usually study the things that my employers ask me to do from ebooks. For example, setting up a server. I read an ebook while setting up the server in the office. It’s a pain in the ass for me to browse the pdf file in a window and switch to another one to setup it. It will be a big convenient for me to have an iPod to help me with my works.

4. For blogging purposes – Oh yeah! I LOVE this reason. I NEED THE iPOD FOR MY BLOGGING! Hehe. We all know that we can browse the net using an iPod. I can comment and view blogs with it, specially the websites like Jehzlau Concepts and Sherweb. I can also update and post an entry in my blog using it. Wow! I already day dreaming about it. Wew. Hehe.

5. For the love of movies and music – Even as a child, I love watching movies and listening to songs and instrumentals for my leisure time. As a person who loves tech and gadget, I also love bringing my favorite songs and movies with me wherever I go. If I won in this contest, I can listen to my favorite songs anywhere and watch movies when I become bored.

6. I want to have my own GADGET again – The only gadget that I think that I can say that it is a gadget is my old Nokia 5300 phone. It has a camera and a Bluetooth feature. But it already died last two years ago. Huhuhuhu (Playing on the background: Di kita malilimutan song). So that’s why I really want to win that iPad. Hehe ^_^ and I think my computer wants to follow my Nokia 5300 because some heat sink had fallen off the mother board O_O

7. Reward for my hard work – Hehe. To give myself a reward. I want to give myself some appreciation for studying hard and giving my best on my work.

To finish this, I want to give a BIG THANKS to Sir Jehzeel and Sherweb for the contest and thank you for everyone who viewed and read my entry.


  1. Na visit na ba ito ni Master Jehz?! Wala kasi siyang comment dito eh... Nice entry! Buti ka pa nakagawa, ako nag leave pa naman ng 5days, para makagawa ng entry, I didn't know na until APRIL 30 lang itong contest! Hayyyy... =(

  2. Aw! Sayang naman! Tsk. Di mo nabasa ung instructions?. Minadali ko nga lang to kuya eh. Kase may OJT pa ko. Uhm. Email ko si Kuys Jehz kung nadalaw na niya entry ko.

  3. ow, ganon ba yun? sakin din kasi eh walang comment si sir jehz.

    nice one bloggerdude!

  4. Nice one Ian. Hope you''ll win. Cheers!:-)

  5. Yoh Yoh Yoh Bro... Good Job sa entry mo :) ako din wala nagawa na entry hehehe tinamad kase heheh on the go na kase ako for vacation that time...

  6. Thank you guys for commenting!!! hehe.. pinilit ko talagang makasama kase first time sasali sa contest ni kuya jehz eh hihi..

    @nonoy: thank you! ehhehehe

  7. ayun! hahahaha! thanks for joining ian! :D next week pa natin malalaman kung sino ang winnar! :D

    weeeeeeee! :D

  8. Hmmm... pretty good looking for more entries