Saturday, September 28, 2013

Opinion about the current state of the Philippines - Part 1

To start my return as an unprofessional writer, I wrote this article to show my opinion on the state of the Philippines. I would like to clarify that all the things I may say in this article are all personal opinions by me. If you disagree about something, you are free to comment you own opinion. I already stated in my last article that I may use tagalog or taglish to create this article because I’m not that good in speaking and writing in English, so please bear with me. Let’s see how far I can go in pure English, shall we? Ok, let’s start talking business.

Ok, I literally want to talk business. The business in the Philippines is very unfair especially if your business is similar with companies that are currently dominating in the Philippines because first, they’re too strong to dealt with, second is that they have the power to bully your business or they can buy your business so that they have one less problem on their hands and finally, the last reason is that people in the Philippines doesn’t support or try alternatives of the current product that they’re using.  Of course, I don’t want to destroy your dream to have your own business and I’m not telling you that you must not make your own business; I’m just stating that the competition here in the Philippines is not fair with rookies like you. The only thing that I can suggest is make your company strong enough to make an image that people will support.

If you do make it, I would like to suggest that the way you handle your employee must be like a family because as an employee as myself, I have the rights to talk on their behalf. Most of the companies here in the Philippines (I said most, it means that not every company) are treating their employees as slaves, robots and code monkeys (This is specifically for programmers LOL). I don’t know why but most of the companies do this and as my personal opinion, not every employee can last long from the way companies treat them and because of that, it makes the length of stay of their employees is shorter that compared to employees that are well  treated.  I’m not telling that you need to baby sit your employees, you just need to give them a proper gratification like saying Job well done for the work that he do for the company.

To tell you the truth, I hate talking about business, so let’s go to the second thing that I hate. It’s the government. Before I start talking about the government, I would like to say sorry, sorry for those who are current satisfied with the current system and to those who really supports the current government. Yeah, I respect your opinions but it’s my article and you can’t stop me from telling the whole world how I feel about the current government.  Well you see, every year as we live our lives, the government continues to toy us. I can’t blame them because we, as the victims are just allowing them to control us by giving us temporary solutions for our problems and giving us false hope especially when they need us to vote for them. Tell me, is there a time that your vote really helped you? Is there a time that the senator that you have voted has helped you in your life as a citizen that he works for? I think not, because after they won the election, they just roll into their caves will not bother to give their thanks to the people that they owe their position in the government.

Ok, I think this article is starting to get too long for me to handle. I’m very sorry about this but I need to stop writing this article. It’s is too much for me to make it longer. Maybe I can make a second part for article. Well, thank you for reading. You are free to make any comments about the topics and opinions that I have stated above. Until next time.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wow, I'm still receiving visits

Wow, this blog still receives visits even though I don't update it so often and I think I need to start providing more contents to this blog. I'm very thankful that my link building continues to support this site.

To anyone that is currently reading this, I will make this blog to a somewhat ranting / news / tech / editorial of some kind. Far from the original plan to make this a tech blog, I will share to you all the things that I want to blab about with technology, current events, interesting stuff, current things about myself and everything that can be found on earth.

Please try to look forward to my next post about my opinion about the current state of the Philippines, it will be in tagalog, english and taglish so that I can convey my message better. Well, see you on my next post. Thank you and have a nice day.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nvidia GeForce FX5500 for Ubuntu update

Hey guys, I have written this article for the sole purpose of informing you that the Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 will not work in ubuntu with unity. It's better for you to upgrade your system or find a mirror for the old versions of Ubuntu.

If you have decided to download an older version of the Ubuntu operating system. You can download the old releases here. For installing the driver, you can read my post about installing GeForce FX5500 driver in ubuntu.

But if you still want to install the latest ubuntu release, then you need to ready yourself for an upgrade. Yeah, you can still run ubuntu in 512mb ram and atleast 1Ghz of CPU power but with the latest releases of Ubuntu, you will need a slightly better video card for your machine. For a technical reference, please refer here.