Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bloggerdude in hiatus

Hiatus may refer as the difference of two notes or a name of a British band but as for me, the meaning of Hiatus is a break from something. For example, a break from blogging. Yes! Hiatus in blogging. It is a good example because most of the people who blog are in hiatus because of academic reasons and one of that big group of people is me. Yeah, I am in hiatus when it comes to blogging because of some reasons and these reasons are the following:
  1. Studies - one of the greatest reasons is academic reasons because for most of us. Education is one of the most important things in this world and it is more important when the time has come to face the most difficult part of studying. That time is the time when you must face the completion of your education. For an example, one of the most important is the thesis. Right now, I am currently trying to finish my thesis and finish my studies in college. Yeah!!!
  2. Work - to tell you the truth, I already sacrificed my part time job to have more time to blog and study but I still can't find the time to blog. (laughing even though tired and still need to answer the take home final exam in history)We all know that when projects and deadlines intertwined in the office, we will try to focus all our strength to finish all the projects and deadlines. Because of that, we sacrifice other things to have more time for the things that we priorities.
  3. Ok, I will finish this already because I need to do something else. (academic reasons)This is my personal reason why I am in hiatus. I am in hiatus when it comes to blogging because I don't have an Internet connection right now and my computer had broke down. hehe...
I made this article just to explain why I am not active right now with blogging. Haha.. I am sorry but my hiatus will be longer than expected.


  1. woist. palink naman ako sa footer mo. ^^

  2. Hi Ian. dumaan lang me dito.

    Sa akin, walag haitus haitus in blogging. hehe; Subukan mo mag full-time s blog; parang c Jehz bah.:-)

  3. Sige sige. Try ko after ko maayos tong blog ko. Hehe.. :) Bad internal error ung blog mo Noy?

  4. Sobra busy pala si Ian, mabuti nakakapag-update pa. ^_^

  5. Hehe.. wala pa nga eh.. nag change lang ng theme.. I edit ko kasi tong theme na to eh.. :) pag aaralan ko panu gumagawa ng theme sa Blogger. :P mga next week mag blog na ko hehe request kasi ni nonoy eh hehe