Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fisrst post for the year 2012

Well I don't know how did you get here but I know for a fact that I don't have a topic to write. I'm thinking about writing a post about Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao or about the Palawan Islet but I don't have the energy and the will to write a long and interesting post about them. Right now, I am just taking a break from my studies and just want to write anything. To make this article to be more interesting to read. I suppose I can share the things that I'm planning to do next week.

First, As you can see, my blog is now different than before. I am planning to change the look of this website for months and now that I have some extra time.
I can now change and make experiments with it. The theme that you are viewing right now will be the frame or the baseline of the new look of the BuzzAbout. Sometimes I read blog posts about changing or making my own blogger theme. There are so many blogs that shares how to make one but their are just few of them that are informative and worthwhile to be read. That is why, I am so frustrated to change the look of this blog so that I can learn how to create themes for blogger and hopefully share it to everyone.

Another thing that I'm planning to do is to work on a website. A website that I will make a living. I don't know if I can make it myself but I'm still keeping in mind that I have some connections in school. One or two of them are great web developers and I can't wait to work with them.

Maybe you already know that I graduating this year (yey for me! hehe) and I need to prepare all the requirements for the graduation. That is why preparing the requirements is also one of the things that I need to do next week. Just wanna share, it's so tiresome! hehe. Tiresome but exciting. Just the idea of graduating gives me goosebumps. I hope that I will not fail on my last subjects of college like Rizal, Psychology and Ethics! Please... hehe.

Thank you for reading this post even it is such ad dumb post. Hehe.

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  1. Magkakaroon ka rin ng oras para sa blog, mas maganda unahin muna mas importante sa ngayon basta wag ka magquit sa blogging. :-D