Monday, August 15, 2011

Page rank is it really good or not

For webmasters, page rank is very important when it comes to optimizing their website but does page rank really a factor when it comes to landing on the first page in search engines? For me, it is not. Yeah maybe it has relevance but it does't mean that page rank has the most favored part when it comes to determining if a site is good to be at the first page of the search engines.

There are some sites that has high page ranks but doesn't get a high traffic or click rate. Because even if you are already ranked. Google and other search engines out there is still computes the relevance of your posts/articles to the key words that a person is searching.

For me, doing SEO (search engine optimization) without considering or putting page rank in the equation is much better that doing SEO for increasing you page rank. Here is the simple equation of to make your articles/posts/sites to be in the first page and give some traffic to it.


I'm still experimenting with my blogs but I'm seeing some results and to tell you the truth. Results may show after some time. You need to be patient to see some results.

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  1. Hi Ian :) I see you are PR2 already! :) So what's your secret behind it? your blogs are way getting better too, keep it up!