Friday, August 12, 2011

BuzzAbout have 2000 page views!

Well, I am writing this because of my childish side. Hehe. Just because my blog had gotten 2000 page views, I am already so happy that I wanna cry!. I a sucker when it comes to blogging. I really don't know why there are some people who are visiting my blog even though it sucks. :)

2000 page views is not so big when it is compared with the big guys (what I meant here is the blogs that is very popular). As of now, I can't blog so often because I don't have an internet connection and I have a part time job. But the truth is that I can blog because of my part time job. Hehe. I write when I have some free time here at my part time job.

Maybe after a month or so, I will have the time again to blog more interesting topics. Also, to the guys that is asking me to give them tips. Can you add me up in facebook. My id is ian.buena, to go to my profile just add ian.buena to the

Well, to all the people who viewed and read my other articles. Thank you very much!!!


  1. Congrats sir, for having 2000 page views! :)

  2. Thank you Blobber-Boy.. isip bata eh? tuwa na sa 2000 page views hehe..