Saturday, May 26, 2012

Message for iBlog participants

Well guys, I am asking for your forgiveness for visiting my blog with such unpleasant sight. I am currently creating and studying how to make a theme for blogspot blogs. That is why my blog right now looks like "scratch paper". As you can see, I am not an active blogger because of some personal and unprofessional reasons. Hehe.

My real message for you guys is that I want to congratulate you for participating the iBlog summit. I know that you have learned so much from the speakers of iBlog. Let the huge knowledge that you've hauled be your solid foundation to reach your dreams and goals. Let it be the fuel of the your inspiration that will drive you to blog more better. Always be hungry for more knowledge about blogging, strive to be better everyday. If you think that you're already good with blogging, try to increase or set a higher standard for yourself. There are no limits when it comes to skills and knowledge, the only requirement is that you need to push yourself to until you reach your limit.

To end my short and cute message, I just want to remind you that don't forget about the responsibility of being a blogger. We all know that blogging is a powerful thing but freedom has its limit. Be a responsible blogger and have fun being a blogger. ^__^