Thursday, April 19, 2012

iBlog: The blogging summit in the Philippines

Ok , I just decided to create a blog post right now because I want to rest for a bit from work(freelance jon, still graduating on May). Well, right now. I just viewed the website of iBlog and I just out the blue wanted to make post about it. 

So what is iBlog. For me, it is a tradition here in the Philippines to inform the publlic who are interested in blogging and for people who are already blogging and wants to increase their knowledge about blogging. The even tackles about different sectors on blogging. There are blogs that is more focused with PR works, it means that they promote certain companies and products that need to promote to the public and there are some blogs that is focused on networking with different readers and bloggers
If you are an amateur blogger, I recommend that you participate on the first day of iBlog. It will tackle advance topics about blogging. With the topics that are listed, even none blogger individuals may benefit with the talks in the first day of the summit. Some of the things that will be tackled in the first day of the summit are SEO, Social Media Marketing, financial planning and other yummy stuff that will give nourish to your hunger for financial needs.

For the second part of the Blogging Summit. It will tackle the basic things about blogging so it is recommend for those who are not yet blogger but interested about blogging. 

Well, that's all I can say about iBlog. See you guys on the 8th Philippine Blogging Summit.

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