Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The TV that must be owned by everyone

Hey guys, before I start the real post that I will do. I want to remind you that the images are short clips so it may load for awhile and for the unclear reason. I have changed my title. It is not the title I planned for, the real title is "I wish that this become my reward for reaching my fourth year in college".

I wish that I would be the future owner of the Samsung Smart TV that was presented to us on the first day of iBlog7. It is the price for the winner of the contest of Samsung Philippines. I was surprised that we (Filipino bloggers) has been given the chance to win a Samsung Smart TV. They told us that the contest is open for all Filipino bloggers not only to us but to all Filipino bloggers here in the Philippines.

At first, I’m not sure if I will join the contest because fear got me first. My heart is pounding while imagining myself contributing and participating in the contest. Just imagine all the great bloggers that is present in the venue of the iBLog7. Is there a chance that I can win the contest? Even without the great bloggers in the venue. Compare me with all the other aspiring bloggers and other great bloggers that is not presence in the venue, I’ll be just like a puppy in the middle of a pack where he is the most weakest.

But because of the will of being a techblogger (take note: I’m not yet a certified techblogger), I have decided to join the contest. I thought about the things that I can do with the Samsung Smart TV and it would be a great starting point for me to be a certified techblogger. And what the heck, I don’t have anything to loose and you don’t know, I could really win this contest.

Here is the things that I can do with the Samsung Smart Television.

I can tweet the things that I can do with it.

  • Photobucket

I can use it for facebook, watch some vids on youtube and even watch my favorite dvd movies.


Also while tweeting all the great things that I experience with it. I can watch my favorite movies with my friends and family


Here are the things that I have learned that I and even you can do with it.

  • Get to know the hottest 25 movies and 25 TV shows
  • Socialize with facebook, twitter and other network sites.
  • Simultaneously watch a movie and tweet something about it.
  • Get apps like the smart phones in the market.
  • Synchronize all the files in your laptop/desktop to your Samsung Smart TV
  • You can do the things that the TV can do in your remote.
  • Check for the latest schedule of your favorite tv shows.
Thank you for reading my blog post post. Please do comment. Your comments will be very appreciated. :)



  1. pwede ba sumali dyan kahit hindi naka-attend sa iblog summit :) heheheh Good afternoon po...

  2. everybody is welcome to join the contest. the only requirements are. You need to be a filipino and a blogger. ^_^

  3. Oh thank you po.. ^_^ Good luck to all of us ^_^

  4. HELLO po good luck po sa entry! ang galing nung image heheh

  5. Thank you Halojin for the comment and the praise. ^_^