Friday, April 1, 2011

my first iblog EVENT!!!! - iblog7

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First Day

I really had a great time with my new friend in iblog7 and I'm really thankful that I attended their seminar. I also very thankful to the iblog speakers who gave their knowledge and shared their experiences with blogging. They have given me new hopes and inspirations to pursue my current hobby.

Those who I met earlier, thank you for the great time. I hope that we still communicate and share some time. I can't wait for tomorrows event. See you soon my new friends.

Those who want to attend the second day of the 7th iblog event, you can just walk in to the college of law in the university of the Philippines. 9am is the call time. See you tomorrow fellow blogmates.

Second Day

What the??? iBlog7 is finished. Woot! I'm already excited for next year iBlog. I'm a little disappointed because I didn't get a iBlog7 t-shirt but compare it with my experience with the last two days that I attended the summit. I am really thankful that I got a chance to meet other bloggers and some people that I only see in television and in the internet.

I got the a interview with Janet Toral. She is one of the pioneers with it comes to blogging.

As of now I am on my knees and thanking everyone who are behind iBlogs success. See you soon in iBlog8. Cheers!


  1. Nice meeting newbie and professional bloggers! Go Elephant Man! =)
    We got the shirt :P

  2. Yeah! Thanks. Hehe. The "Elephant Man" became a standard nick name for me. Haha.. ^_^

  3. Glad you enjoyed the iBlog event. You remind me of another earlier iBlog participant who was wearing a jester hat.

  4. @Ma'am Jannete -> can I call you Ma'am? hehe Ma'am thank you for the great time. See you again on the upcomming events po ^_^