Wednesday, March 30, 2011

U.P. - Ayala Techno Hub

I will share about my visit in U.P. Ayala Techno Hub. I will update this later. ^_^

All right! I'm back from U.P. Ayala Techno Hub. I arrived there around 2pm, what a sight! It almost looks like I am in a another country. The environment is so great and I really want to be an employee there. It has its own Timezone, National bookstore, Cd-r king and some restaurants.

There are more than 5 buildings and 3 of these buildings are IBM, Manulife and HSBC. These buildings is tagged building B, C and E respectively. I love the atmosphere and aura of the place. It's a great place for people who likes to work in a less stressful environment. You can work at the same time relax if you want to, you just need to go out of the building and stroll around.

Some companies that I found located at techno hub are Accenture, Affinity, Convergys, Manulife, HSBC, IBM, Seachange and many more. So if you are a student like me who is looking for an internship/on the job training. Techno hub is the place for you.

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