Friday, January 21, 2011

Shutdown you computer with the command prompt

Is there anyone there interested to do something with the command prompt? Here is a simple trick using the command prompt to Shutdown, Log off or Restart your computer and the best trick here is that you can put a timer when will it shutdown, Log off or Restart.

Example code: This is inputed with the command prompt but you can input this code also in the "run" located at the start menu.
//this will shutdown your computer
shutdown -s
//this will restart your computer
shutdown -r
//this will log off your computer
shutdown -l
//Setting shutdown, restart, log off countdown timer. 
//just add -t xx 
//the xx is the number of seconds before the computer will shutdown
//for example
shutdown -s -t 180
//this code will make your computer shutdown when the countdown timer finished counting off 3 minutes(180seconds)
//Sometimes there are processes that need to force to shutdown so we need to add -f with the code
shutdown -s -t 180 -f
//When you set a shutdown command, there will a window that will pop-out. You can't close and cancel the shutdown command unless you will input.
shutdown -a
//this will cancel the shutdown command for you

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