Friday, January 21, 2011

How to delete a file in use in Xp, Vista and Window7 - Unlocker Assistant

Do you ever experienced this? A file that cannot be deleted? It's possibly locked because a process still uses that file or a specific file in a folder. You can usually close or end the process that could possibly causes the lock down of that file. But sometimes, you can't find or locate the specific process to end or close.

This is a sample that file in a folder is being used.

This the window that will pop-out if a file is still being used when you try to delete it.

So how will you delete this file specially when you don't know the process that causes the locked file. The simplest way to delete this file is to install Unlocker Assistant. Unlocker assistant will show you the processes that is using the file/s that you want to delete. It will show up automatically when you delete a file that is still being used. I have already installed Unlocker Assistan to my machine, so the next window that will pop-up when Unlocker Assistant detects that the file that you want to delete is still being used.

So here is the window that will pop-out

You cant kill the process or just unlock the file. If the file is being used by several processes, you can use the unlock all feature to unlock the file from all the processes that uses that file. Unlocker assistant can be used in xp, window7 and vista. If you are having problem with unlocker assistant. Feel free to post you comments here. If you want to download Unlocker, you can click here or just go to my download links page and click the link for the unlocker.

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