Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Wakfu is an international MMORPG that mix the actual life into action. You will need to master different professions to make money in the said game. As of right now, I'm having a hard time to level and make a very good progress with the game. Another trial of the game (specially for Filipino players) is the lack of help or support from other players. But for the overall rating for wakfu, the game is very entertaining and very interesting to play. The graphics are created as if they are telling a story. By the way, did I tell you that this game is supported by Square Enix? Yeah, you read it right. For players who lives in America has the privilege to play in the Square Enix server. Unfortunately for others, we will be forced to play in servers that is best for our location. For Filipino players, the remington server is the only server that is available for us.

Other info for this game will be posted later. Thank you for reading my short blog post.


  1. ~sa mga susunod na post nalang yun. dito sa office ko kasi ginawa tong post na to eh.