Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unofficially Yours Review

I have watched the movie of John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin entitled "Unofficially Yours" yesterday at SM Bacoor with my old friend and I find it very good so I've decided to make a review of the movie. It is very unusual for me to make a review because I don't really do reviews and I am not that good with criticizing works of others. Maybe I just like the movie and all so here it goes.

Unofficially yours is a comedy love story and will be recommended for people who are scared to have a new relationship or people who are so in love that they can do everything for their love one. with the story setup, the movie can shift from love to comedy or comedy to melodrama or from melodrama to romance. Because of the unpredictable scenes, Unofficially yours will not give you a dull moment when you are watching. Their will be a chance that you will be so concentrated on the movie just because you're waiting for the next thing that will happen.

For me, Unofficially yours will clear your heart from all anxiety that you feel when you fall in love. It will give you new hope and new understanding when it comes to relationships and love.

PS. Please support the Pinoy Movies. Don't buy or download pirated copies of the movie. Watching movies are more fun in the Philippines.


  1. "can do everything for their love one"
    - i think i should watch this movie.. :)
    thanks for the great review ian.. ^_^

  2. Looking forward to more fun reviews from you Ian. What do you plan to review next? :)

    1. ~i don't have any particular plans for a next review. Hehe.. It's not my forte to review anything in the first play. :P Just really liked the movie. That's all. :) hehe.. Thank you for commenting :D

  3. Nagsisi ako nun hindi ko sinamahan GF ko manood nito kasi sabi ko hindi ako mahilig sa love story. Panoorin ko kaya sa DVD check ko kung maganda. :-D

  4. ~ayang naman.. dapat sinamahan mo. ^_^