Friday, May 27, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04 for your PC

Ubuntu 11.04 is the latest release of the UBUNTU team. There are a lot of changes in Ubuntu 11.04. Some of the changes are: the UI of the calendar, there is a new side bar that holds some important shortcuts of the pre-installed softwares and many more changes.

I have chosen to use Ubuntu rather than windows because I need to concentrate on my studies and blogging. Maybe you are wondering why. It is because that in Ubuntu, I can't play the games that needs to run in a windows environment and the most important thing is that, the softwares that I need to write and compile programs are free to be downloaded from the many repositories scattered by Ubuntu team.

As of now, I will try to install .net and other stuff needed to write and compile C# programs.
To download Ubuntu just click here.


  1. Nice! Another Linux user. :D

    Just browsing around. :)

  2. Medyo nadisappoint lang ako sa Ubuntu 11.04 kasi Unity ang gamit. Lumipat na tuloy ako sa Debian at may planong lumipat sa Fedora sometime soon kasi ang kyot ng GNOME 3.0 sa Fedora 15.

    Ako Linux user na since August 2008. NapapaWindows from time to time kung gustong maglaro kasi aaminin natin na hindi pa mature pagdating sa gaming aspect ang Linux.

  3. Came upon here from Jomi's Tips and Tricks. We used Ubuntu at our office when I was still working in an SEO company in Cebu. I liked it; and I might try this new version. :-)

  4. @mikko: ah nice. heheh.. Basta opensource.. maganda talaga hehehe.. ^_^

  5. @nonoy: thanks for visiting my blog hehe ^_^.. uhm.. you can maximize the feature if you have a good computer eh.. ^_^ pero maganda naman talaga ang mga opensource na OS hehe

  6. @mikko: Patapos na daw yung mesa. Sooner or later, mapo-port na rin ang games sa iba't ibang linux distros. XD