Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dual booting an android/smart phones

Hey guys. I will not write how to dual boot an android phone. I'm just buzzing the news that you can dual boot your smart or android phone with other OS. For example, You're running a windows phone and you want the pleasure to use also an android OS. You can install android OS in you windows OS in your phone.

Just like running a dual booted computer. The phone will prompt a list of choices when you turn on you phone. i currently thinking if I will make a new post about dual booting android or smart phones.


  1. this is useful for the mobile geeks I guess. but for me, well I'm good with one.
    any benefits on why dual booting is cool?

  2. this will benefit people who can't afford to buy new phones just to upgrade. For example, you have a windows phone but you want to try and use android instead. You can also permanently install and use the android phone but if you still want to use some of the functions on the windows os but use the android at the same time, that is the time that you need to dual boot your phone...