Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello world!

This is just my personal post, haha I just remembered something special in my 1st year college days. It is the "Hello world program". It is just a simple program in C language. Haha I just want to share it with all of you. I don't care if you will say that this is a stupid post but what can you say? This is my blog and I will post anything that I want to post hahahahha..

This program is made in C language, its a very simple and it has no use except of being an example for students who are programming for the very first time.

So this is the code:
 #include(conio.h)/this is to include a library files into the program

void main()/this is the start of the program
printf("Hello world!");/this the code to print the "Hello world!" on the screen
getch();/this is to pause the screen, without this, the program will just close after the hello world is print.
So here it is, I don't know if there is wrong in my code but please do comment if there is/are errors in my code. It is a little embarrassing that this is a simple code and I don't know if there is an error, it is 2years already from the last time I have made a program code and Last thing is that my compiler seems to missing in my drive.  

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